Sunday, November 11, 2007

Utilize available customer analytics software

Ravi Bapna made me aware of the following customer analytics software:

  1. AC Nielsen
  2. comScore
I see an opportunity to leverage these tools in our project as an analysis of a customer on a particular website. An Advocate Agent would need to combine different sources and make its overall judgment. The caveat is that these tools are usually attached to a particular vendor and so again not on the client side. Maybe we can learn from the type of services they are offering, and get inspiration for our development.


- Wolf

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Arun Batchu said...

Wolf, There are several other solutions too that provide insights into customer behavior: Like Google Analytics, Webtrends etc. Each of them vary in the degree of analytics they provide. All aim to provide more insights into the core questions of who, how many, where from the audience is coming and what are they mostly interested in; as well as there exit points.

However, like you have pointed out at various times, this provides a "one site view" of behavior. For proper advocacy, my agent will need to know assess my behavior aggregated over many sites.

I also agree that these sites definitely provide a very good starting point of what type of analytics they provide and why they are deemed important.

An advocate agent could enhance its "knowledge" base if it can analyze the information in these servics consumed via web services.