Friday, November 23, 2007

Product Comparison Agents (PCA)

After reading the following article:

Wan Y., Menon S. & Ramaprasad A. , A classification of product comparison agents. Communications of the ACM, August 2007. A review of this article can be at LARGE

I list below different types of PCA and their real life realization:

Production Differentitation PCA: -- often biased to one brand in one particular category

Product Evaluation PCA:

Consumer Preference Identification PCA:

Derivative PCA: -- (rebranded from close-coupled agent design that integrates different PCAs into its architecture -- while you start searching it gives you product suggestions, an advocate agent would give you products related to your preferences since it got to know you over time

An aggregate of the 3 main PCAs with social tagging and customer reviews

Refine as you type comparison shopping agents:

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