Monday, June 16, 2008

Information Dashboard Design

I believe that in a few years that advocate agents will be collective of many highly complex processes running on dozens of distributed systems. The agents "masters" will need to have easy to use tools to quickly scan the resources being consumed by these agents.

I have been doing a great deal of research on information dashboard design in the last few months for a customer.

There are two resource I would like to make sure our group is well aware of:

Inforamtion Dashboard Design by Stephen Few

Performance Dashboards by Wayne Eckerson

These books each take a different approach to dashboard design. The Few book is more in line with the Tufte visualization theory. The Eckerson is more along the line of applying the theory of the balanced scorecard (figureing out what to measure).

To be successful we will need to create high-quality monitoring and feedback tools between complex agents and non-technical users. AA dashboard could be its own sub-project.

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Alex Bleasdale said...

Great work, Dan!

I'd be very interested in discussing some ideas with you at some stage when you're free... Perhaps when I get back from London - late July?

Hope you're doing well.